welcome to the island of misfit toys
My name is Quinton, I'm 20 years old and live in NC! don't be afraid to say hello. :)

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Anonymous asked: do u use grindr?


no. lol.

Anonymous asked: you need more pics of you in your "me" tag


lol. i don’t take many pictures of myself. 

Anonymous asked: Hi, I seriously love your blog. It's perf.


thanks!! you’re perf. haha. 

howdidigetsofunny asked: 9&13 :D


9. where would you like to live?

  • i would LOVE to live in either paris or new york. haha. that would be absolutely amazing.

13. ten facts about myself.

  1. i like both blue and green equally, except when it comes to cars my favorite color is red. 
  2. the last book i read was the perks of being a wallflower and i absolutely loved it.
  3. i can speak french pretty fluently, though i prefer writing it. haha. 
  4. i have no idea what i want to do with my life.
  5. i used to be in colorguard for my high school and i was pretty good at it. haha, i would still like to do it someday.
  6. i am a fairly good dancer.
  7. my favorite kind of cat is a scottish fold and i would really like to have a pug or a small dog soon. 
  8. i love monkeys. they have been my obsession for the past five years.
  9. i love any kind of music as long as it has a good beat and fairly meaningful lyrics.
  10. and i am in love with a beautiful boy named chasen (:

salvatorewaldorfclarkfitchswan asked: OMFG thank you so much :D <3


haha, you’re welcome (:

burbanbandit asked: You're cute. I like you...a lot. :P <3


lol, thanks bro. 

jk, i kinda like you too. and you’re way cute. 

so… i’m pretty sure this makes us even, yeah?

burbanbandit asked: hey there, boogie. I love you so much and i feel so lucky to be able to call you mine. I cant wait to see you in the morning. :) <3


i love you, too, punkin. and i can’t wait to see you in just a little while either. (: <3

Anonymous asked: you need to dump your boyfriend. i will love you more than him! D': and i will suck your dick better than him too!


haha, i highly doubt that will happen. thanks though. 

Anonymous asked: why does it say your single on your fb ? lol are you single now ?


idk, just cuz. haha.

no, i’m not single. 

fashyyglam-deactivated20140619 asked: oh oh okay the pic of the 2boys that youve just post : whats the name of the blond guy lol ?


honestly, i have no idea. haha. 

Anonymous asked: your full of yourself but do you want to be full of me?


whoa there buddy.

Anonymous asked: you never posted that pic :(


ooops. sorry about that. totally forgot. i’ll get to it soon though, promise. hahaha. 

Anonymous asked: are you gay?


Anonymous asked: can you take a picture of yourself? right now? pleeeeaaaaaase. :)


hahaha, uhhh. maybe later. 

Anonymous asked: i hate how you have a bf. youre the hawtest black guy ever. EVER.


lol. you’re not missing out. trust me. 

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